Local Focus

Northwest Florida Proud

We do our best work when we stay close to home.

Greenhut was founded in Northwest Florida in 1946, and this is the place we’ve called home ever since. For the first 40 years of our history, we took projects in Florida, Alabama, Georgia and even Mississippi in an ever-expanding footprint. We did our work well and were looking to do more of it. But we found that the further we strayed from our home base, the harder it became to do our best work. At Greenhut, anything but our best work isn’t good enough. So, since 1985, we’ve only built in Northwest Florida and, as a result, we’ve consistently delivered the highest quality work on time and on budget.

As we are a local company, our projects must succeed because our reputation within the community and to clients, as well as among architects and fellow business owners, depends upon it. We act with integrity and responsibility because it is in our character to do so and because our standing in the community is constantly at stake. For three generations, Greenhut has delivered on our principles of Professionalism, Integrity and Commitment. Northwest Florida has recognized us for it. We will continue to serve our community proudly and diligently.