Bldg 2: 166,078 sf, Bldg 3: 169,630 sf, Parking Deck/CEP: 434,255 sf, Bldg 4: 225,000 sf


Bldg 2: Dec. 2008, Bldg 3: Jan. 2009, Parking Deck/CEP: July 2008, Bldg 4: April 2011


9071 Security Place, Pensacola, FL 32526


LEED Gold Certification achieved for all four buildings


Navy Federal Credit Union

Navy Federal Credit Union Pensacola Campus Expansion

As a result of a corporate decision to move their call center and management support facilities from their headquarters in Vienna, Virginia, Navy Federal Credit Union has built a multi-purpose campus in Pensacola, Florida. Their master plan consists of a 166,000 sf call center, a 169,000 sf administrative building, a totally self-sufficient central energy plant including 8 megawatts of generator stand-by power and a 5 story, 1,100 car parking structure. The facility is designed and built to LEED Gold certification. Greenhut was selected to build this multi-phase campus because of its experience, personnel, and knowledge of LEED construction. The project is extremely unique primarily because of the customer’s requirements, which are centered on employee comfort, health, and wellness.

The preliminary construction required several miles of underground conduit, piping, and other utilities to serve the campus. Each of the 4 buildings is supported on auger cast piling with large concrete footings, a steel structural frame (which is exposed internally) and an exterior of a decorative masonry block with zinc panels. Most of the interior has access flooring with individual air conditioning diffusers available to each of the hundreds of workstations throughout. A large 4 story atrium with skylights and shading louvers provides daylighting into all spaces. The use of volatile materials in paints, flooring, cabinetwork, etc. has been avoided. Many of the materials incorporated in the building are recycled materials.

The campus has over 3,000 employees and is totally self-sustaining through its energy plant. The associates have a full cafeteria, health clinic, full-service gym, quiet rooms, maternal feeding areas, and exterior walking paths.

past construction project
past construction project
past construction project

"Navy Federal projects were constructed professionally by Greenhut project managers, delivering high quality, energy efficient buildings... We highly value our relationship with Greenhut Construction and remain excited about the continuing expansion of our campus at Heritage Oaks."

- Jamie McDonald, Assistant Vice President