173,452 sf


June 2018


Pensacola, FL


City of Pensacola

ST Engineering – City of Pensacola International Airport

Greenhut Construction was selected as the Construction Manager of a very complex project for the City of Pensacola at the Pensacola International Airport. Funding for the project came from multiple sources including the State of Florida, FEMA, FDOT, City of Pensacola and Escambia County.

Civil construction consisted of a $10M site package that included over 1⁄2 mile of entrance roadway, enhancement of a turning lane from a major roadway, water well systems, underground contaminated soils, perched water, 300 car parking lot, tractor trailer turn around area, water storage tower, concrete paving, taxiway and an underground contaminated water storage system.

The building covers nearly 4 acres of the site with complex electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems. The structural steel and building package alone was over $12M in value.

Multiple GMP’s, fast track construction methods were employed to provide a GMP at 60% Construction Documents and 95% Construction Documents. The project was severely underfunded. GCCI worked closely with the Owner, Architect, Engineers and End User to provide $7M in value engineering and cost reduction solutions.

past construction project
past construction project
past construction project

"Years of dedication, persistence, and hard work on the part of many individuals have come to fruition. I doubt that anyone outside of this group will ever have an understanding as to what it took to see it through, and I don’t think that a more effective group could have come together. A new and better era in our region’s economy starts now, and the community will reap its benefits for many years to come. While you may not hear it from the citizens, let me say “Thank You” for all you have done for Pensacola. While the future may belong to others, you are the ones who set it on the right path for them."

- Daniel E. Flynn, Airport Director, 2018